Daily Archives: March 31, 2010

One Way Mirror Maze, Jessica Perotti


3D Model for REFERENCE, an art gallery and music venue located in downtown Richmond, VA. We encourage artists to download this model and use it to propose exhibitions for our space. More information can be found on our website at


U.S.S. Walt XII, Robert Baxter

Local news station has reported that this may be the secret location of Walt Disney’s cryogenic-ally frozen head. Although just a possible rumor.

Elevated Whale Road, Zach Black

Whales take flight to escape temptations of human flesh.

Learning Forms, Michael Smith

Positioned above the blacktop of Mary Munford Elementary School, these three color-coded forms hover to allow users all possible viewing angles. Using the same four colors on each form, comparisons may be made by the viewer to further understand the form in (virtual) space. Without the coded surface information in the way of color and/or segmentation, the ability to understand these virtual objects is lost. The landmark represents primary exploration and learning about reality in the context of, but not within, the structure of the primary school – the concepts are taught inside of the building, but are tried and tested in the world outside.