Daily Archives: April 7, 2010

Hexa Poolside Resort, Teyon Bruce

Located just off of the Belize coast on Hick Cays is Hexa Poolside Resort. With in driving distance is the exotic beaches of Hicks Cay. This resort offers over ten pools, luxury presidential suites, poolside bars, moonlight Hexa dining, a beautiful inside and outside theatre, all night entertainers and much more at your disposal at the Hexa Poolside Resort.

Temple, Toliver Roebuck

The birth of existence was created on the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. A shrine was erected and from it spawned the the sands of limes. In this sand garden life’s existence was created and emerged from the sand. Those who passed through the gate became material and those that entered the gates from reality, transverse to the spiritual realm of existence. Here those whom have attained the ability to pass through meditate to the questions of the universe.

Diving Board, Luke Harman

The highest diving board at my childhood swimming pool modeled from memory. After revisiting the pool in my adulthood the diving board no longer seemed as insurmountable as it had before I gained the courage to climb up and jump. The board now sits atop the Sears (Willis) Tower. Cannonball!

Tim Lamb’s Huge Camera