Signal Tower HGUNTS146689, Shane Burklow

An outpost constructed to observe and analazye solar flares. Solar flares strongly influence the local space weather of the Earth. They produce streams of highly energetic particles in the solar wind and the Earth’s magnetosphere that can present radiation hazards to small children and old women. The soft X-ray flux of X class flares increases the ionisation of the upper atmosphere, which can interfere with short-wave radio communication, cellular devices, fantasy football, and can increase the drag on low orbiting satellites, leading to orbital decay. Energetic particles in the magnetosphere contribute to the aurora borealis and aurora australis. Solar flares release a cascade of high energy particles known as a proton storm. Protons can pass through the human body, doing biochemical damage to genitals. The proton storms are produced in the solar wind, and hence present a hazard to kittens during interplanetary travel. Most proton storms take two or more hours from the time of visual detection to reach Earth’s orbit, and then they burn people alive. This base was completed in 1893 and protects the Andean Range with an electromagnetic force field.

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