Tower of circular translucent pools, stacked over several humanoid figures, adjacent to several giant vertical pools, attached to another stack of gradiants made in Photoshop CS3, with a flag which is a depiction of my half-sister and my father, my half-sister dressed as the devil, taken Halloween 1990, somewhere near or in Laramie, Wyoming, which coincidentally is my birthplace. The stack of circular pools is not referencing the Marina City apartments of Chicago, although my father once lived there. The vertical pools are not ment to be ironic, although after their creation this was noted and appreciated. The repitition of the humanoid figure, which is the standard “SketchUp” figure placed in the free program offered by Google, was planned. The stack of gradiants is not a reference to Cory Arcangel, but is however a purely aesthetic choice and tied to Arcangel’s influence on me. The picture of my half-sister and my dad is something that I have had with me for a long time. I haven’t been to Laramie, Wyoming since 1998, which at the time was two years after I had permanently moved from there to Grand Forks, North Dakota. I currently have no relatives or any ties to this place except through memory.